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Hoping to be of help to all those living gluten free in the United Arab Emirates – نأمل أن نكون عوناً لكل من يعيش حياته خالية من الجلوتين في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Where to shop

Gluten Free food shopping can be a little bit hit and miss here in the UAE. While some chains carry loads of Gluten Free, how much they have often vary from branch to branch. While an item may be in stock continuously for 6 months, it may then suddenly disappear for 3-4 months before appearing again. Turns most of us in to hoarders! Most chains will also carry only one brand of something, so if you want DS gluten Free its only available in Lulu’s, if you want Schär, then Carrefour and so on. Makes a weekly shop a little bit like a treasure hunt! While the non gluten free people have tons of brands to choose from, each shop gives us only one option, and if you don’t like it you must go elsewhere. Exceptions to this rule is Organic Foods & Cafe and the Gluten Free supermarket. While some supermarkets do have a gluten free section, more often then not you will find the gluten free foods mixed in with the ‘normal’ food, or hidden in the Organics section, or the diabetic section…… like I said, hit and miss 😉

My local Spinneys now has an exellent gluten free section, but only after I asked for it over and over and over. In the end it was easier to just make a proper section then listen to the nagging I guess.

My biggest pet peeve in shops is the gluten free flour being in the ‘normal’ flour section. The bags are completely contaminated! Please when you see this, ask for a manager and point it out. Ask nicely, explain why. Change will and can happen if we all make the effort together. I cant go to every super market by myself (although I think Ive visited more then most).

You should be able to get your basics in Lulu’s, Carrefour & Spinneys. Then there is a a good selection in Organic Foods & Cafe and Gluten Free Supermarket. Below you will find a list of other shops around the UAE that carry Gluten Free items.

March 2013, Edit to add, laws are now being put in to place dealing with allergens. We will keep on eye on how things develop as it is implemented and update this page accordingly once it has been done. More on the new rules can be found in this article by the National (Opens in new window). I am told rules will in the future also cover the displaying of gluten free foods in their own section in supermarkets. 

Abu Dhabi

Organic Foods & Cafe

Gluten Free Supermarket (online)





Spar Supermarket

also check Kylie’s amazing list on Facebook 

for info on product range

Other Emirates

Organic Foods & Cafe

Gluten Free Supermarket (online)





Organic Foods & Cafe

Gluten Free Supermarket (online)





Almaya Supermarket

Park & Shop


Milk & Honey

Sweet Connection

Skinny Genie

-Linda Forster

With the help of the Lovely Kylie who has got the Abu Dhabi information for me, thank you.

I wanted to provide links to websites and locations etc, but it turns out that many don’t have a website, and if they do they are often not up to date. To much research for me right now, and whatever I link to may be gone tomorrow! Please google the name of whichever shop you wish to visit and you should be able to find an outlet near you 🙂  Failing that, our very active facebook page should have someone on it able to find what you need

6 comments on “Where to shop

  1. JMF

    Let’s not forget Geant!

  2. Tahlaz

    Thanks for all these through information. Bless you.

  3. gluten intolerant, future vegan teenage girl

    Gluten free supermarket is expensive as heck, the spinneys near me is full of goods, so I will ask them about it. The thing is most of it is pricy, and I am also transitioning into a vegan, so things are really tough and I end up cheating. I am gluten intolerant, and I found that out while I was 1 week on a plant based diet, healthy and happy and losing weight. Someone told me that chinese/ supermarkets have a large variety of gluten free goods, like rice noodles and what not, for a cheaper price. Has anyone been to a chinese/asian supermarket? What exactly was the price range? Thanks

  4. Amal

    Any idea what happened to gluteen free supermarket…They don’t seem contactable at all and thier website is not working.

  5. Tristian Hope

    Hey guys, does anyone know where to source gluten free wraps or pizza bases, for a pizza restaurant im opening in dubai?

  6. Sheena

    Where can I buy gluten free frozen pastry in Dubai?

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