Gluten Free UAE

Hoping to be of help to all those living gluten free in the United Arab Emirates – نأمل أن نكون عوناً لكل من يعيش حياته خالية من الجلوتين في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة

High protein vegan brownies


These brownies are vegan (dairy and egg free), gluten free, and also packed with natural soy protein, healthy fats and Omega 3s. If anything, you could almost say they were healthy!

Gluten Free Vegan Super-Brownies

2 tbs ground flaxseed (linseed)
1/4 cup strong espresso (optionally, replace with water)
1/2 cup rice flour
1/2 cup natural soy protein
1/2 cup organic cocoa
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup dark brown sugar
1/4 cup light olive oil
1/4 cup canola oil
1 cup organic unsweetened soy milk

Preheat an oven to 180 degrees celcius. Line a baking tray or super-long loaf pan with baking paper.

Mix linseeds and espresso in a small bowl and set aside. Sift dry ingredients (except sugar) into a bowl. Add the sugar and mix well. Combine wet ingredients in a separate bowl, adding in the soaked flaxseed, before mixing in to the dry ingredients. Mix it all until combined, then spread it onto the baking paper, before placing in the oven and baking for about 20 minutes, or until a skewer comes out ‘just’ clean (I actually like mine a touch undercooked.

-by Kristy-Lee Biggs

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